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History Extended Essay - Help!

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I want to do my extended essay in history and I was discussing this with a friend of mine (who has just handed in his extended essay) who mentioned I should do a comparative essay. He then left without really telling me what a comparative essay was!

Can someone please tell me what a comparative history essay is and possibly give an example?


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Very basically a comparative essay takes two historical events or personalities or regimes or terms for a critical discussion on the similarities (with some differences) of both.


As an example of this, you could imagine yourself discussing some aspect of similarity or difference of the Chinese and Soviet revolutions. For instance, they are both called revolutions but was one" more revolutionary"  than the other? You'll need to define the terms of course, and refine the topic, but that is very broadly what a comparison involves. 


The structure of your paper will reflect a comparative approach. There are a number of different ways of doing this, but one way would be to have 3-4 sub- headings which reflect points of similarity/difference between revolutions and discuss both under these common points of reference. 

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