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EE on Philosophy-- Help with getting started

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I have recently changed my subject for EE from Business Management to Philosophy and need help in getting started. So, I want to do something under Legal Philosophy and I need a wider view on this subject as my school doesn't offer this subject to study, but i have a supervisor. So any hints, tips or help will be appreciated. I also would appreciate if you could tell me how to go about the EE in Philosophy. 




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On the whole, I would say not to do an EE in Philosophy unless you study it. A very specific type of approach is required for Philosophy EEs and without having studied it, most people get it wrong. Besides that, you don't have a topic or much idea about how to approach it, so if I were you I'd treat that as a red flag and not do one.


If you choose to ignore that (which is definitely my number 1 advice!) you need to at least come up with a topic and do a lot of work into what is expected from Philosophy EEs before committing to it. There are some resources in the files section on this website (various essays and at least one EE). You should also look up the 50 Excellent Extended Essays (google that and you'll find them) and read the ones in Philosophy to get an idea of what is required. It will be hard to do without a background in the subject and never having written any kind of Philosophical essay before, it's a very peculiar and particular subject.

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