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Can you re-do the WHOLE visual arts workbook from last year (IB1) and this year (IB2)?

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During vacations, I decided to re-do my whole IB workbook from last year and this year (updating it) and I followed this guide: 


(the very same guide from ibsurvival)


(the official site guidelines)


(and this one, i think it is official too)


Not to worry though, I haven't thrown away or scrapped out my other old IB1 workbook, I still have it. I just decided to re-do and majorly improve it in a different workbook, that's all. 


After I finished and handed in to my teacher, he said that it probably won't be a good such a idea to do that, since my other IB1 workbook has already been graded. However he was quite impressed when I showed him my freshly new replenished workbook and that he'll maybe considered taking a look at it.


The problem is that most of my classmates tell me that I'll probably fail about re-doing my workbook.. (they're probably envious, but maybe they're right??)


What happens if I did all this work for nothing?


Is this ok? :unsure:  :unsure:  :unsure:

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submitting some of both is actually a really good idea!! I would do that to show how you've learnt to analyse etc. - doesnt have to be a lot of pages, maybe one or two. But good job on redoing them!! hope it looks good :)

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