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What to expect from English B Course

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I'm wondering what to expect from English B Course in terms of what I'll learn/ what I'll be doing, books i'll read, kinds assignments, etc. Thank you in advance:)

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Hi Kleruh,


Language B is pretty much a language acquisition course for those who already have some good knowledge of the language. But it is not just about studying and improving your vocabulary and structure, like you may be used to doing in other national curriculums. You improve your understanding and communication through  learning something about the various cultures (and subcultures) which use the language. How the language is used and what people mean by what they say or write -- in context. Cultural context is important, because words/structures can mean different things to different people (a truism, but often ignored by quite a few language learners who believe that meaning is IN a word and that meaning is defined by a dictionary !  "I mean what I say = ridiculous").


What books you read will depend entirely on your teacher and whether you are studying at SL or HL. At HL, at any rate,  you will need to read two works of literature. The rest of the material is gathered and collated by your teacher. Sometimes they may have a coursebook, but I think mostly teachers tend to pick and choose what suits them and your level so you should have a sturdy binder to keep all that looseleaf. Unless they store everything for you on an online site. 

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