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Creating A Title for The Extended Essay: I want the same title as a study I found?

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As silly as the topic title portrays, I found a study with that encompasses exactly what I wish to cover in my paper, with a title that simply ties the bow for it. My paper focuses on a local scope rather than a larger one that the study includes. I know that taking the title of the study is not the way to go AT ALL, but I'm having a hard time reforming the title to convey the same capacity. Could anyone help?

Title of the study: "The Significance of Hedonic Values for Environmentally Relevant Attitudes, Preferences, and Actions"


My current title: "The Significance of Hedonic Values for Environmentally Relevant Attitudes and Behavior: (blah blah local perspective)"


One of the reasons why I wouldn't prefer to substitute theasurus words is because the definitions of the words included into the title are exactly what I wish to convey in my paper. If I do choose to keep this title, for citing purposes how would I format it? With quotations?

Thanks to anyone who can help me! 

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What is this an EE in?


That title sounds actually very vague. Your EE title needs to very concisely say exactly what your EE was about and you need to have covered everything. So the one you posted is ringing a lot of alarm bells. "Environmentally Relevant Attitudes and Behavior" is massively broad! There is no way you could have covered every single environmentally relevant attitude in your EE, let alone every behaviour as well. I'm sure you must have looked at some specific attitudes and behaviours and so your title needs to reflect that you had a limited scope in that respect. It sounds nice and like the headline for an article, but it's not a good EE title by a long way. For your title it doesn't need to be some kind of snappy catch phrase, you don't get points taken off for sounding awkward even, if it comes to that, just take a look at what your EE was on and make sure your title is TIGHT with the content of the EE. There's nothing left out of the EE that could be contained within your title, and there's nothing in there that isn't described adequately by the title.

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