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Extendend Essay on History-Influence of Freemasonry in the Foundation of the USA.

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I know this is a long post but I really think it's worth reading it. I've really spent time working on the subject so I'm not one of those that asks for a lot of help, all of my questions are really specific and it would be really helpful for me if you could at least answer one of them. So if you have time, please read this post.  :D  :D


So I've been thinking a lot about my EE topic and I've come out with a topic, I personally think would be a great one, IF I manage to control it... Since it's a very occult and conspiratorial. This is, as the title states "The influence of Freemasons on the foundation of the USA". I'm really interested on this topic although I don't live in the States. But I've also encountered some problems on defining what I'm going to write about, because, obviously that topic is a lot too broad. The first and main problem is that apparently all books written about Freemasonry are written by freemasons and I know, that for an EE on history I need to have different standpoints and ideas from different persons. The second problem is the area I should concentrate in. I've thought maybe, that I could compare what historians say about the creation of the USA (especially Washington D.C) to what freemasons say. For that I've found some good books on Amazon, but then again... They're all written by Freemasons...


At this point, I feel like I'm going to have to change my topic, because writing about freemasons is very weird and unknown for a lot of people, even historians. So I don't know what I can do... So here's where I ask you awesome people for help, 


Do you think writing on freemasonry would be a lot for a 17 year old colombian boy?

Do you have any ideas on what I could concentrate myself on? Or, do you find these topics good? :

  • Creation of Washington D.C/ A comparison between historians researches and masonic researches.
  • Analyzing masonic ideals or thoughts on the american constitution or declaration of independence.
  • Influence of freemasonry on the founding fathers, mainly on George Washington. 

Do you know maybe of any non-masonic writers that have written books on freemasonry? I mean, actual historians with masters, degrees or PhDs on history that have written on the subject? I know of Manly P. Hall who wrote his books when he wasn't a mason, the problem is... He became then one so...


And last thing I want to ask, if you think my topic's not appropriate, do you have any recommendations on what it could be, probably on the American Revolution topic? Because the only thing I am sure of and that is good, is that I'm definitely writing my EE on History so...


If you got to this point of my post, I really appreciate your time, because I know you spent it on reading instead of doing something else. I appreciate also all of your answers, thank you very much. 


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