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Maths Studies harder than Maths SL?

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Hello, today is the first day I started IB, I am a bit pessimistic about the course, during my Math Studies lesson our teacher informed us this years Studies paper is going to be a lot harder, on the other hand in previous years to get a 7 you need to be around 86%, now they dropped it to 80% due to the difficulty. In addition, he said compared to Maths SL, to a certain extent the studies exam papers are going to be more complicated than the SL exam papers. Should I be worried/scared?

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I wouldn't worry. It's certainly not harder than Maths SL, they cover different content and the content in Studies is less challenging, no matter how they ask it. You will have covered it all and it will all be off the syllabus, as usual. This applies to every subject. They're not going to suddenly ask you Maths SL stuff in a Studies exam! And vice versa.


Your teacher can't see into the future to know whether papers are going to be harder or easier or the same this coming year, unless they've had a peek at the exam paper which is very irregular and against all exam conduct! However, you'll notice that if a paper is harder and people don't score as highly, the boundary required to get a high grade drops. Which is exactly what is demonstrated in your post - 80% for a 7 in harder years and 86% in other years. So even if a paper is more difficult than in other years, that is actually accounted for. People who would have got 7s will get 7s, regardless of where the exact % point is pegged. Basically your teacher is just trying to freak you all into working harder. So work hard ;)

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