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Choosing HL's and SL's

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Sup y'all! I will be doing IB and all that stuff right after the summer ends but I still haven't decided on what HL's and SL's to choose. If it was totaly my will and I knew that I will be rich no matter what, my choice would be this: HL's - English B, History, Biology. SL's - Mathematics, Lithuanian A, Psychology. But universities probably would not accept me with this kit in any course, so I have to change something. I like history, but history related careers are kind of boring to me (I haven't discovered all of them, so feel free to point out the interesting ones). I would go for becoming a physical therapeut, but that would require me to study frikin chemistry, which I don't really dig. I could force my self to study it, but is it worth it? So question: what do you guys think should i do - choose HL's that i like or the ones that seem rational? And please share you current HL's/SL's and what you want to study/do in a future.





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