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James P

Trade: IB Latin SL: Pliny the Younger

Hi everyone, 


I are currently studying the letters of Pliny the younger and my exams are in November 2015.


Honestly, my school cannot teach this author so I am asking people who have studied this author for a swap.


If you have studied these set texts: 


Pliny the Younger Letters 1.9, 1.12, 2.6, 5.9, 7.17, 7.27, 8.24, 10.32, 10.33 


Could we please arrange a swap of notes?


I have both editions of questionbanks (2nd and 3rd/ All subjects)/All exam packs from 2005 to 2013 Nov/ Teacher Support material for Chemistry/Bio/Physics IAs and much more.


If you have good notes on Pliny the Younger, could you please let me via email: [email protected] or even by commenting on this post?


I will try my best to provide anything that you may need!


Thanks very much!


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