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Dorms only available for your first option?

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Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are enjoying the rest of the summer!


Quick question, this following school year will be my last, and I'm already thinking about universities and possible courses. For now I'm really liking the idea of an Art and Design Foundation Course, and I have a couple of unis in mind. Nonetheless, London is pretty expensive and I'm thinking of living in a dormitory rather than renting an apartment (at least for the first year). But I recently went to visit the universities in London during April and spoke with the administration to talk about prices and all that, and they all said that I would be given a dormitory ONLY if that university I choose at the end was listed as my first option in the UCAS program... Is this true?? If so, I'm really confused and quite intimidated. At this point everything is a possibility and I wouldn't want to risk listing the wrong one as my first option because I wouldn't be able to afford renting an apartment the first year /:




Thank you (:




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Most, if not all, unis will help you with accommodation. In fact first-years are given preference over all other years generally.


Why should you even worry about which uni you list as your first choice? I think by 'first choice' they mean that that uni should be your firm choice. Ideally, you will get the marks to get into your 'firm choice', so it hardly matters then what the other unis think.

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