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Blogging and writing as CAS

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Guest NukeWithG

So what are your experiences of doing writing or blogging as CAS? I'm an avid writer myself and when I realized that I could do that for CAS I was overjoyed, but then I heard that some schools don't allow writing for CAS. Currently my plan would be to create a blog for writing, as well as doing my other blog (found here: http://nerdexeallthingsnerdy.blogspot.fi/) to cover most of my creativity side for CAS. Also, how would I get a CAS supervisor for this? The blog itself wouldn't be enough for the writing one at least, since writing even a relatively short story can take weeks with all the rewriting and tweaking that goes on.

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I haven't done writing as part of CAS but I'd say that if there were any writing competitions happening that you know of then writing for, as a particapant, that should definitely be allowed. 


I know that my friend, for her CAS project, wanted to put on a play. For that she was writing the script herself and then recruiting actors (her friends). It didn't end up happening as she found another project, but that could be a very interesting project. You could then put on the play and collect money from it which you could donate to charity. Or you could put on a play in an old home's place or something like that. 


Then you would be able to cover 2 of the 3 categories....Creativity and Service. 


Writing blogs about IB, I have heard do count for CAS in some places though not at my school so that might depend on the nature of the blog and your CAS/IB co-ordinator should be able to clarify for you. 


Whenever I had activities that were not necessarily overlooked by anyone, such as rehearsing for a dance that we did.... then our CAS co-ordinator was happy to be the supervisor anyway. (We had to show progress and show her our plan of rehearsal timings etc). Similarly your co-ordinator could easily go on the blog to see progress. 

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