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Psychology Extended Essay (Stress) - Need Help!

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Hey Everyone, 

So my topic in EE is stress, and I have this RQ.. Can someone help me in making it more concrete ? 
-- How you think and how you act towards stress can significantly impact the body physiologically--

 and this is a small outline I did to have a plan to go through.. 

  • Abstract
  • Introduction about Stress
    • Why is this important
  • Background
    • Perspective 1
    • Perspective 2
  • Stress Symptoms
  • Modern research
    • Compare older models to newer
    • Show the development
  • Pros and cons of current models
  • Future work/conclusion

Best Regards!! :D

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I made my Extended Essay on Psychology and my RQ was To what extent does stress affect an individual's immune system?
Your research question must be concise and most of all, show directly the topic that you are going to treat on your EE.
In terms of your RQ you can write, for example, To what extent perception and reaction towards stress affect its impact on physiology?


Hope you find this helpful. ^_^


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