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History IA : Help

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Hello everyone! I have different ideas and different approaches for my history internal assessment, but i cant seem make it acceptable, nonetheless, my topic is on the cuban revolution and Che Guevara. 


My first approach: To what extend have che guevaras decisions as leader positively and negatively affected the procedure of the surprise attack at altos de espinosa? (i would compare and contract historical views, unfortunately i cant find any information of historical debate on this battle)


My second approach: medias representation of che, biased opinion about che guevara, how they (americans- 1950) portrayed him and compare it to historical truth. 

To what extend has American media in the 50's influenced the portrayal of che guevara compared to the historical event? 


I would be very thankful for any feedback and advice on my questions and thoughts.


Kind Regards! 

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Che is a good topic. 


If you chose the first one, I'd phrase it as "To what extent did Che Guevara's decisions affect the outcome of the Battle of Altos de Espinosa?" or something along those lines. You will definitely want to choose a topic with good historiography though.


For the second, that's a lot harder a topic, but probably more interesting. I would like to remind you that the history IA is not supposed to be a dissertation. You are not trying to add to the world's understanding of history. You are simply doing a research paper that's broken up into different sections to make it easier to grade. You'll do better if you have a clear topic that is easy to research with lots of information. If you are really interested in a hard topic, do history for your EE. The IA is too short for that. You should find a few really good sources and use those for almost all of it. This second topic sounds like it would be too much, as you would probably need to actually reference tons of different depictions of him if you want any credibility. 

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