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IB question

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Well the award for vaguest question of the day goes to....


You should understand what you're required to do in each of the IB classes you're in: what IAs you have, etc. You should understand what the exams will be like for those classes to. You should understand what you need to do for TOK, CAS, and your EE. Then you should understand the syllabus for each of your classes. The biggest thing to know is that the IB isn't a joke: you can't mess around and save everything until the last minute and then still expect to do well. The IB's quite manageable if you have a decent work ethic, but if you don't it's going to be a very long two years for you.


The people who do poorly in the IB are the ones who don't take it seriously enough, or who don't understand what they're supposed to be doing and then turn in work that isn't what the IB wants.

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Understand that IB is what is definitely not as easy as gr.10 Igcse and Boards. Its a totally different environment with coursework as important as final tests. Its literally uni for 11 & 12.

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