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Hey! Can you PLEASE help me?


I am in the process of deciding the topic for my E.E. I am going to do it in English (Group 1).


My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo, so I think I would enjoy writing about it for my E.E. The issue is that it was originally written in French and since my E.E. will be in English, I have to find a book written originally in English to compare it to (so it will be a Category 2). I was thinking of comparing TCOMC to some of Shakespeare's works since they share some elements. For example, the situation of Maximilien and Valentine is similar to that of Romeo and Juliet (they both have themes of difficult love and death). Also, the situation of Edmond Dantès is similar to that of Hamlet or Othello (theme of revenge). 


Does that sound like it could lead to a good research question? Is it original or is it too overused? Should I compare just the themes, or also the characters and literary techniques?


Also, what is more important: the research question (its originality and creativity) or the actual content of the essay? What if I pick a research question that is not that original and creative, but I write a good paper about it, will I get a good mark?


I REALLY want to do well on my E.E. (get an A). The IB diploma is very important to me and will help me get to where I want to be after high school (for that I have to get high marks). Do you have any tips for writing an exceptional E.E.? Also, does anyone have any English Category 2 E.E. samples that I could check just to get an idea of how my final E.E. should look?





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