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Unable to Focus with Physics HL Teacher?

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Ok, so I started my IB orientation today and, luckily, had a blast. I found myself rather excited at the prospects of the programme. However, at one point, I was finally told my Physics teacher's name. 


Now I never really had many problems with teachers in school, but in this specific case, I can safely say that I will simply be unable to continue. This teacher taught our class the past two years. Unfortunately, I find his teaching methods stale, redundant, time-consuming, and, frankly, just plain unhelpful. Many students constantly present similar complaints to everyone who's willing to sit through a five-hour lecture about this specific teacher.


Honestly, I really do like the teacher, and find him relatively fascinating, but during class I have a very difficult time keeping up with him. My reasons for mentioning this is that my grades in Physics fluctuated greatly in the past, and I am currently attempting at stabilising it. However, I really not only find it rather impossible to keep my Physics grades high with this teacher, but also find it impossible to keep ANY grades high with him considering the amount of stress his classes cause me. Of course, the minute after finding out this tiny bit of information I immediately attempted to change to the other Physics HL class. My request was denied, as it was school policy to make the students stick with their teachers, and didn't really help me much with my concerns.


I have tried several times to talk to the teacher nicely about the distractions in class, and they seemed to do very little. Of course, I'll wait a week or two and see how he's changed, but so far from what I understand, everything's still the same.


Of course, naturally, I bet that these claims will eventually have another interpretation, and, for the most part, I'm beginning to think that they're are dubious. If so, I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to deal with this class. The teacher explains concepts and ideas perfectly but doesn't link them properly. For example, last year, during our lesson on electromagnetism, the 'beam of particles' and how the laws applied there was explained brilliantly, however, when the exam came, we had no idea how to link it to AC/DC currents. This is most likely because the concepts he explains are (for the most part) explained in great detail, and plenty of examples are given, but most of them of those examples don't intersect with the actual lesson, and those very IDEAS are treated as singular lessons. This is probably not so much the teachers' fault than it is my own inability to focus for more than few classes, but regardless I desperately need help, lest I have my IB breakdown on the first week.


Does anyone have any advice on study methods for eliminating this problem? Is there anyway I can get something like a 'teacher's guide' so I can revise the lessons privately to get a better grasp of things? I'm sure there's a protocol for something like this, and considering I'm new to IB, you'll need to excuse my ignorance. 



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I see you're problem and it's quite serious if you want to continue Physics and do well.


Personally, I don't think you are the only one with such teachers as my own Physics teacher often does this. The best way that I get around it is by studying myself. Often we get away with not exactly paying attention in class and just doing our own learning in class. This may not work for you however.


Do you have a physics book that you use/will use in class? If not, I strongly suggest buying one or at least buying a study guide. There are many around, especially for the new course.

It may be helpful if you understand the singular ideas with him, as they will strengthen your conceptual knowledge, and then re-visit the chapter at home through your text book.


Do you have the new Physics syllabus guide? If not, just look it up on google and you will find it really quickly. At home, go through the syllabus statements for each topic and make notes based on that, and judge whether you have grasped those concepts and can answer questions about that. Then, go through lots of past paper questions. You can either buy the Questionbanks (which is quite expensive), or find past papers online (these are free and really helpful). Your school should have these resources but chances are they won't give them to you as teachers use these to make tests.


Alternatively, you could start by doing lots of questions in the textbook, as they help clear things up. However, nothing beats past exam questions, so do try them as well.


I hope this helped, and that you can tackle this class. If you still want to move classes, get your parents to lodge a complaint/request for you to move. Schools often hold parent's wishes in high regard.


Good luck!

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