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Chemistry, self taught?

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Hey there!


Depending on your school, you should be able to study some subjects self-taught, and I know quite a few people on this forum has done so in the past. It has to follow the IB curriculum, but that I'm sure you're aware of already. Since some schools have different policies regarding self-taught subjects, though, I strongly advise you to discuss this with your IB coordinator, who will know this in and out, regulation-wise and school-wise. Just be aware that Chemistry HL is not an 'easy' subject in terms of workload from what I've heard, and, generally speaking, studying without (or with minimal contact with) a teacher requires a lot of dedication and good time management skills. 


I suggest you read this thread from two years ago: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/21506-self-study-chemistry-hl/

It is possible that some of the information available is outdated and not valid any more, but that should give you an idea. Again, I strongly suggest you talk to your IB coordinator, as everything has to go through your coordinator anyway. He/she will know school policies and IB regulations better than any of us, and can as a result give you a proper response. 


I am a bit unsure of what you mean 'outside of school,' please do clarify if I've misunderstood something! 



Good luck! 

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