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IB Music vs. IB Exercise Science?

Which one should I take? 

Essentially I just want to take the one that's easier and that will give me higher marks. 

However, that being said, I prefer Exercise Science over Music, and would only take Music if it had a much lighter workload and easier to get better marks. 

For music, I know the basics like intervals and triads, and can play my instrument fairly decently. However, I have no idea how to compose or listen to a piece and analyze it. I have no knowledge on musical history. The course content seems to delve deeply into this stuff though, and that scares me. I feel like whereas Exercise Science will just be about memorizing a lot of information, Music will require a lot of innate ability and it will amount to the same amount of work - even without as much memorization, things like composing a piece seem extremely tedious. And I'm taking IB Biology, so that should help me with Exercise Science, right? 


Everything I've stated above are my personal assumptions, so I'd be really thankful if you could inform me based on your personal experiences which one is easier. 

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