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Music HL submission help

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I know I'm supposed to submit three (?) creating projects, an MLI, and perform for a total of 20 minutes, but when is everything due? My music teacher has just moved away and never really specified. My new teacher knows even less. Help.  :geek:

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They must arrive to the IBO by the 20th of April for May exams, or the 20th of October for November exams. Therefore it is recommended that everything is sent of to the IBO two to three weeks in advance. You need to send:


  •  A CD with the audio files of your creations  
  • A filled out and signed music creating form
  • The scores for your creations (if applicable)
  • The reflections for your creations
  • A CD with your performance
  • A filled out a signed music performance form
  • A musical investigation
  • A signed musical investigation form


Your teacher should have access to the required forms. 

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