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Hi guys


This is Rishi from India and I need help to choose a topic for my Business & Management IA. I am intrested in doing it related to analysing the positivs and the negatives of a firm or a company. Please sudgest some ideas if you can or suggest some better ideas if possible.


Thank you & Regards


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Hey fellow Indian, for a business IA you choose a small business or a firm, which is the exactly opposite of a business EE. For example you could pick a restaurant, a small shop in your area, and you pick an extremely narrow topic. The topic can be as small as "Should the restaurant X hire a new waiter" and it should be a Yes/No question. In the end your answer will be should they hire a waiter or not, and you suggest improvements. Be careful that the research question should be extremely focused, and it can be as small as changing the seating arrangement, a new promotional strategy, increasing workspace, etc. Then you conduct primary research such as surveys, questionnaires asking people questions, and then you analyze the information with the help of secondary data and 2-3 business tools such s SWOT, Lewin's force field, PEST, Porter's etc. and answer your RQ. Bear in mind that the IA MUST have PRIMARY research or it will not be getting a good grade :D^_^ 

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