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My extended essay topic problems

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I have a trouble with my extended essay topic. I wanted to write about transition period of 1989 in poland.
My research question would be: How has fall of communism in Poland changed the demographic structure and what will be the effects on country's economy?

However my teacher told me that it probably will lack analysis.
I don't see a point as i think that analysis of data and and factors that would affect economy is enough.
What do you think?

Please help ! :)

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1. What subject? I assume history? Or economics? Or geography (that's what you tagged the post as, so I guess that's it).


2. It is generally recommended ( I can never remember if it is official) that writing something in the last ten years is a bad idea. There aren't enough sources and the consequences can't all be seen yet. Of course, 1989 isn't 10 years ago (in history terms, it's pretty close though), but "what will be the effects on country's economy" is, I think, since it is in the future still. So I don't know if that's a good idea. That being said, I don't know a thing about IB geo, so I don't know if that would be more appropriate for that class, if that's the class you're basing this EE off of.


3. How would you even figure out how a changing demographic structure affects the country's economy as a student in 4000 words? I'd really suggest dropping that part, or at least look at how it affected the early 90s so at least it is in the past.

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