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Inquiry Skills Project

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Hi, I am currently a freshman in the Pre-IB program. As part of our curriculum we take Inquiry Skills (aka the survival class), and we were recently assigned a project involving IB schools worldwide. We have to select, research, and create a powerpoint on a foreign (I live in the U.S.) IB school. Besides for just learning general facts about it, we have to apply how the culture of the country impacts the school. (Really it seems like quite an easy project) My real dilemma here is the fact that there are over 3,500 IB schools worldwide. I want to pick one that really embraces the IB mission statement of cultural respect and understanding, and is interesting, also, of course, has easily accessible information. So my real question I pose is.... What do you all think would be a good school to research, and is in a country that has impacted the world in some way or another? Thank you! 

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Well, before I ended up in Germany I was looking at many different international schools around the world, but only one really caught my eye. It's the British International School in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It's a great school and, from what I've heard, it has really good IB results. I bet you can easly find ways UAE has impacted the world, and because it's an arabic country, the culture influences the school in many different ways.
If you don't like this idea, here are few more schools that you may like :
Indus International School, Bangalore (Nr.1 in India)

St Paul's school, Sao Paulo, Brazil


There are probably many more but I've decided to choose top three which are really good and have an interesting story so that you will have stuff to write about them.



Hope I helped you a little! 

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