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How to prepare for tests in English A Lang& Lit?



My first tests in the DP are coming up in some and I wonder how you guys prepare for the English A Lang & Lit tests? 

What methods do you use? What ways are the best? 


Thanks, Daniel

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At my school, we have exam preparation sessions and the most common thing that we hear as to how to prepare for exams in languages is read. I know it sounds stupid but that's the key. The exams you're going to have are probably going to involve writing some sort of a commentary or a literary analysis of an unseen text. Either way but especially if the text is unfamiliar, you must be able to do your best and analyse using only the information you get in the text.


You could also repeat what you've been doing on recent lessons, maybe look at some previous assignments and go over the stuff you did wrong before and use them as a training.


Also, I know that English A Language & Literature exams are usually about analyzing an unseen literary or non-literary text so you should focus on these ones  :shifty:


Good luck!!! :blowkiss:  :blowkiss:

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