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Course work for Language A Literature self taught

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Hello all,


I would like to know, I am self studying my Language A literature, what is the actual course work that has to be handed in to the IBO?


Thank you.

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First of all -- you MUST have an advisor or some staff member at your school looking out for you. If you are fending for yourself, you are not being properly looked after and there are too many things that can be missed or go wrong or that you will not have caught onto, for indie studies, that is -- basic things, mainly.  


You'll probably get an answer to your straightforward question, (I do not know enough about the new-curriculum self-studies English):  but I know from experience (previous A1 independent studies) there is plenty of potential wrong-turnings when you don't have expert guidance and advice.


Or even the blimmin' basics from a school. 

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