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FOA reflection? Confused.

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Hey, so I've finished my FOA and I understand I'm supposed to write a reflection about it. The problem is, that our English teacher has changed and she's now confusing me more than i already was. What EXACTLY am i supposed to include in my reflection? 


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Hi again,



Your reflection should respond to the following questions:

  1. What was the overall purpose of your particular choice of oral activities?

  2. How did you determine to achieve that purpose?


In addressing the above questions, you might address the following:

  1. In what ways did your Further Oral Activity explore the ways in which the circumstances of production and reception affect the meaning of the selected text(s)?

  2. How does your task relate to the study of texts and topics from parts I or II? Be as specific as possible.

  3. What sort of language and register did you choose to use for your task, and why?

  4. How did you structure your analysis, and why?

  5. What can you say about your performance?

  6. What can you say about your progress in achieving the aims you had set yourself for this task? Where were you successful, and what might you do differently?


Maybe this helps?
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Hey Guys!


My teacher refuses to tell us our FOA marks on the pretext of the FOA being a form of IA and IAs are subject to moderation.

Does this happen in your schools too? Is there any such rule?

I feel significantly disadvantaged because I am not able to reflect and understand my errors with a quantitative measure.


Please help me as I have another FOA coming up. Thanks!

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