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BC IB Students! What are you doing during the teachers' strike?

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Hello fellow BC-ians!


It's the second week of the strike and my schoolmates and I are getting pretty antsy over it. We're wondering if we have enough time to complete all the stuff that we'll need to do during the school year. Worse still, we've no idea when the strike will end.


Our teachers have been completely ignoring us - but apparently some teachers at other schools have been emailing them what to do during the strike.


So I was wondering what you guys are doing now? Working on EE's, IA's? Starting the new syllabus on your own? (Does anyone have the Grade 12 syllabus for math & geography, by any chance?)


Just wondering because I'd been slacking around mostly but I'm starting to seriously worry. What if we don't have time to finish everything we need to cover?

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