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Psychology Extended Essay Questions

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I'm currently re-planning my extended essay because I'm not sure whether if this topic is good or not. I decided to write mine about whether people can be genetically predispositioned to criminal behavior. 

Is this topic too complex for the extended essay? If not, do you have any recommended books for me to read?


I've been also thinking about writing about the reliability of eyewitness testimony instead since it seems to be easier to research but this might be too simplistic... 


Any advice is useful :) 


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If you haven't started yet, you should know that doing an EE on psychology is challenging altogether (just finishing up my final draft) :( - the only other person in my school who did a psych EE did hers on the reliability of eyewitness testimony, and she found it difficult. I don't want to discourage you though, because I've actually found the whole process really interesting, and I definitely appreciated being able to do psychology research that I had a genuine fascination for (I did mine on the psychology of advertising - and if at certain ages children were more susceptible to marketing). My best advice is talk to your psych teacher about it, and see what they say and if they can help give you a heads start. 


Personally, I think eyewitness testimony is more focused and it correlates more to some of the stuff on schema's in the IB book, which means it'll be slightly easier, but it's your choice at the end of the day. 


Hope that helped and good luck! :)

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