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Differences between the IB Diploma and Certificate

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Hello everyone!


First I'll give you a short background of myself, I'm a student at a highschool that doesn't offer too many IB courses, but just enough to be considered an IB school. We are given the following choices:
HL English
HL Chemistry or SL
HL Bio or SL
HL History

SL Math or Studies

SL Business 

SL Music / Art


I am aiming to become a software engineer hopefully when I am older, and I find some courses to be not beneficial to what I am aiming to become. I have trouble with English, and they only offer the HL form of it, which is discouraging to a person such as myself aiming at more of a mathematical & technological career. Overall I cannot really see the value of putting myself through a stressful environment to get average marks, whereas if I took the academic counterpart, I would do better in a final grade when applying to universities. 

I'm new to the forums here (as you may already be able to tell) and I was wondering the fundamental difference between going full IB and taking a few courses in IB. As for what I've seen at a variety of universities, it seems they only concern themselves to the subjects that are relevant to what you're doing as a future career. So in a sense of applying to universities, is it really worth the stress and time to go "full" IB instead of taking courses relevant to yourself? Or would it be a wiser decision to take those courses to universities seem to care about?


*P.S. This seems like a loaded question, my apologies, but I really do want to hear both sides opinion. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, or if this would have been better in the "Debate" section.

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Do you know what country you'd like to apply to for University? That has a big bearing - in the UK they probably won't consider any applicant not taking the full diploma, for instance, regardless of what you're applying for.

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