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So I've started brainstorming some topics for my SL IA coming up soon, I need an intro done by September 30 and am panicking. 


So far I've looked at electricity and AC Current, but couldn't find any topics I can expand on. I generally like electricity and like exploring electronics. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I own basic electrical supplies that I can use to experiment and play with which may help in deciding what I will investigate (multimeter, wires, breadboard, arduino, etc) 


I don't really like statistics and absolutely hate probability, I didn't want to choose something along the lines of stats because it seems like most people only do statistics and correlations and I feel like it would give me a small advantage if I switch it up so the grader will not pass by my paper as 1 of the hundreds of papers that he has already seen.


In terms of math, I like algebra and trig, we haven't learned Calculus yet, but I've taken a look at limits and derivation from khan academy and have a basic understanding of them and am willing to learn and explore that area early because it genuinely interests me.


I've tried to include as much about me as possible to help you guys come up with possible ideas, so , any ideas ?


Thank you guys ahead of time , I appreciate any kind of input, I know this something you're doing voluntarily so I really appreciate your inputs

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