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is it normal?

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Is normal to be interested in and strong in sciences and social sciences but weak in maths and languages?

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I think it's normal to be any combination of those things :yes: It's different ways of thinking for all of those things. Some people 'get it' and find it interesting, other people will struggle and hate it and it's very much up to individuals. Some go together because there's overlap - like Maths and Science often go together. But I myself am a case in point of somebody who liked science (and I went to do it at University) but Maths was like reading egyptian hieroglyphs, basically. There's a mathematical branch of science and a non-mathematical. Equally there's a social science-y side of languages and a more mathematical side of language. Grammar! So it's not always true, but particular combinations are perhaps more common.


Just got to know your weak points - so you can work extra hard on making up for them!

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