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How to study for retakes

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I couldn't find any threads focusing on this so figured I'd start a new one... anyway!

I'm retaking my final exams in Bio, Chem and Maths in May to max the grades. However, we're not allowed to be in class until January and so I'm in a situation where I need to study a lot by myself which I find really really hard.


What I need from you guys is some tips on how to study for the retakes in these subjects. I feel that when I just sit down and read and rewrite etc it's not time efficient enough and I really need to use all the time I've got as well as I possible can. So please, give me a few tips!

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Use past papers after each section, for example when you cover, say, organic chemistry, try and solve some past questions on that topic. Then you can see which parts you do know well, and which still need work. Good luck! :)

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