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HL or SL Spanish

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We are almost through the first quarter at my school, and HL Spanish is not going as well as I had planned. As of now, I think I have a B, and that will not work for me if I want to maintain my spot in the top ten percent of students in my class. I talked to my counselor, and she doesn't care if I switch, but my current Spanish teacher doesn't want me to transfer out of her class. I took the SL class last year, and I heard that the teacher is handing out the same assignments and bell work again, and I have all of it. I even have the old tests. 

If I transfer out of HL, I will have to talk to the SL teacher, and it is a possibility that he will not let me take his class again. I am not sure what I should do.


PS: I am taking the SL Spanish exam in May, so I don't have to change the rest of my HLs and SLs around as a result of my decision.


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