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I'd really appreciate it if someone could fully explain to me the answer for the following question: 


Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are commonly used as bath salts. However, the anhydrous form of the salt is a drying agent. To determine the water of hydration of Epsom salts, a 2.50g sample of the salt was placed in a porcelain evaporating dish and gently heated over a Bunsen burner flame until no further changes were observed. Below are the results: 

Mass of evaporating basin = 24.10g

Mass of evaporating basin + MgSO4.xH20 = 26.60g

Mass of evaporating basin after heating = 25.32g


a) Calculate the mass, in g, of water evaporated from the sample

b) Calculate the mass of MgSO4

c) State the formula of the hydrated salt


Thank you!

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