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EE Potential Topic & Question Help/Suggestions

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I'm a junior in my first year of the IB program and wanted to know if these would be good extended essay topics (I know that I need a question, but want to get a topic first).

1. Film: Comparing male-female characters and analyzing gender themes in Disney movies (ex. Frozen main characters)

2. Music: Analyzing what makes a number one-hit (factors like social media, type of song, artist popularity) grow popular in society

3. Sports, Exercise and Health Science: effects of different temperatures on various types of athletes (cross country, football, lacrosse, etc.)

4. ?: To what extent has the government used 9/11 to justify its limitation of American privacy and liberty

5. ?: Examining various companies advertising methods any how they affect public perception and sales of product

6. ?: Progression and impact of changes in American attitudes to terrorism

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your first idea sounds really interesting to me- have you heard of the bechdel test? (i recommend looking that up)

for your idea about 9/11 it is advised in the history criteria that any research topic chosen cannot have happened 10 years prior to the examinations you are taking. while 9/11 just makes it into the appropriate time range it is not recommended to do something so recent as it is highly likely that there are insufficient sources and historians analysis' on the subject

best of luck


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Could I say that my 9/11 idea would fit under the Human Rights categroy instead of history, since its dealing with privacy, freedom of speech, and other ways the government has attempted to infringe upon the rights of its citizens after 9/11? Does the Human Rights category also have to be more than ten years ago.

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