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HL Chemistry Question (URGENT PLEASE HELP!)

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Hi everyone, I am trying to revise for my test Monday and I am in need of a little help. Could one please explain the full process of receiving the answer to the following question? It would be GREATLY appreciated :)


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These are very straight-forward questions.


1. A functional group is any group of atoms or bonds in a molecular that give it a particular characteristic. For example, a benzene functional group (a six-member carbon ring containing three alternating double bonds) is a functional group because it makes the molecule very stable. In aspirin, that would be one of the three. Which other functional groups do you see in aspirin?


2. The mass of salicylic acid is given to you. The way you determine how many moles that is present in this sample is by dividing the amount of salicylic acid in grams by the molecular weight of salicylic acid. The molecular formula is given, just use a periodic table to add up the mass of each atom present and then divide. You do not need to worry about the uncertainty mass here.

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