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Economics IA Question

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I am currently doing my microeconomics IA.

Throughout my research about economics IA, I read in many occasions that the article is required to have a problem, and that I should present the solution in my commentary. However, the problem in my article is not very visible.

So, can I put something similar to a research question, in my commentary, to go on and present a solution to the problem?


This is my article, http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-05-13/etihads-new-three-room-suite-for-when-first-class-just-doesnt-cut-it#r=rss

And after analysing the simple stuff, my "research question" will be:

Will the Airbus A380 be cost-efficient? Will it receive enough demand to cover the extensive costs of production?


Is that okay? Or should I present the problem in a different way?


Thanks in advance  :blowkiss:

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Firstly, it seems that you are very confused about what an IB Economics commentary is supposed to be. There is no need for any research question, as the commentary is short (maximum 750 words). Secondly, the point of the commentary is not to present a particular problem it is to analyse a news article that has a clear economic concept embedded in it (for example externalities, taxation and the like). For example, if an article talks about pollution from cars, negative externalities is the economic concept to explain and analyse in your commentary. In such cases it is also appropriate to propose a solution (for example a tax on pollution) and considerations on what a possible solution can lead to. 


The article you have linked is not appropriate for a short IB Economics commentary of 750 words because it does not have any clear economic concept in it. You should find articles for which you can clearly identify what economic concept is being discussed, not an article about a hotel launching a new kind of suite. 


Please take a look on these resources and please check the IB Economics Subject Guide:


Also take a look in the files and notes archive for IB Economics (requires VIP-status to download) for sample assignments and guides:

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