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Cold War Detailed Plan Help

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'Analyse the role of China during the Cold War'.


My teacher set this as an essay title, although we were asked just to write a detailed plan. She said it is very important that we identify the argument but I'm struggling with that. I cannot skip that part as it would also help me write the introduction. 


Can someone please help me identify the argument and expand a bit?


Thanks !!!

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I'm not going to write the outline for you (and I can't anyways, since I didn't study the Cold War for one of my options), but I'll help you get started.


What is the point of this essay? The question is "Analyze the role of China during the Cold War." Effectively, you are going to focus on China's actions, whether economic, diplomatic/political, or social, during the course of the Cold War and see what effect each of those actions had. Did they escalate to some conflict that took place during the Cold War? Did they result in some new international resolution or policy? Did they speed up the end of the war? Did they end up worsening relations between countries? You need to identify the main areas where China had a part in the Cold War (economic, political, social, domestic, whatever really), and see what subtopics in each of those main areas relate to answering this question, and see what role that had in the war.


Remember that not each main area may have the same effect. Perhaps economic policies created a new international policy for Cold War international relations, or domestic policies ruined tensions between two countries. Some areas might not even have had any real role in the Cold War, which you can talk about but shouldn't be a major part of your essay since you want to focus on those areas that DID have a role in the Cold War. You should analyze each of these areas, with examples, and come to some sort of answer to the question.


The detailed plan should just include what you want to discuss, and maybe a few brief points that you will analyze in each of those discussion points.

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