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IB Chemistry HL Salt Hydrolysis Design Lab (acids and bases)

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Guest Joon Cha

I need to do the salt hydrolysis design lab.


I firstly thought of how does temperature affect the conductivity of the deionized water with NH4Cl salt? but that was already taken.

I also thought about "how does temperature affect the pH of the deionized water with NH4Cl, but that does not work as well.... but that was also taken


I have no idea what to do on the salt hydrolysis, when I searched, all they give was "investigate different salt and their pH, but that's not quantifiable and cannot be expressed in graphs.


I then come up with "how does concentration of NH4Cl salt affect the pH" but my teacher said it can be "mathematically calculated".


Could you give me some ideas for salt hydrolysis design lab for acids and bases?

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How about changing the number of moles of a specific species in a buffer solution (e.g. chloride ions in an ammonium chloride buffer). Or just keep your original topic, but just use a different buffer from your classmates so that your topics won't overlap. 

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