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How to write a good conclusion in a lab report

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My labs are overall decent however my teacher keeps telling me that my conclusion is weak and doesnt tell me how to improve it so does anyone know how to write a good conclusion?

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Here is a tick sheet that was given to us by our teacher, and that has worked well enough for me. Just go down the list and make sure you've done all of it  ^_^


CE: Aspect 1- Concluding


Trends and patterns in the data are identified.


States a conclusion which is based upon a reasonable interpretation of the data.


States whether the data supports the hypothesis, if there is a hypothesis.


Uncertainties are considered in justification of the conclusion.


If appropriate compares result to a known value.


References any sources used.



CE: Aspect 2 - Evaluating


Comments on the limitations of the method.


Comments on the limitations of the equipment.


Comments on the range of values and repetitions.


Comments on the trend of the graph and the errors


Comments on the y-intercept and any possible systematic error.


Comments on the management of time within the investigation.


CE: Aspect 3 - Improvements


Suggests improvements based on the limitations identified.


The improvements are realistic and clearly specified.


Suggests modifications to the apparatus that will give better results.

Edited by Sofia Karlsson

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