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HL Business and Management or HL Psychology?

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I really want to study Law in university so here's my choices for subjects next year (I'm in pre-Ib)


HL English

HL History

HL Psychology/Business and Management 


SL Math

SL Biology 

SL Spanish 


As you can see I haven't decided whether I want to study Psychology or Business and Management, what do you guys think would be best? Which of these subjects is the hardest? And does my subject choices look good for applying for Law at universities in the UK.


Please help me out, thanks.


Nimra Iqbal. 

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I'd say take Psych HL. It's a truly amazing subject, and if you can put up with the writing workload (which you'll get with any Group 3 HL) you'll find it interesting and easy. 

I don't know about BM but I get the impression that UK universities don't particularly appreciate it, particularly at HL. 


That being said, you should let your personal interest decide, because if you don't like the subject regardless of how easy it is you'll hate it. 

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Thank you all! One last question, does my choices of subjects look good for applying for law at universities in the UK? Should I change my choices of subject? 


Nimra Iqbal

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It looks great, providing you get the grades you need in those subjects they seem fairly suited to Law. 

Make sure you get the LNAT right though, and you should be competitive when applying.

Good luck! :)

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