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EE in Philosophy--Should individual rights be infringed on in the name of public safety?

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My research question is:

"Should individual rights be infringed on in the name of public safety?"


I am "answering" whether or not, ethically, individual rights can be suspended for a time to protect the greater group. My two examples for my paper are compulsory vaccinations and conscription. I have concluded that I am for the vaccinations but against conscription. 


My question is: is this 'philosophical' enough for IB? My school does not offer IB Philosophy and I am the only candidate in my school to attempt and philosophical EE, so I am pioneering all of this. 


Also, how is the formulation of my question? I feel like it is mediocre at best. 


Any tips on writing an EE on philosophy would be greatly appreciated. 


P.S. our rough draft is due in two days. I am confident I can finish, but how critical are internal deadlines? Will IB see it, or will by IB coordinator just give me the evil eye until I turn the rough draft in?


Thanks in advance!

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