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how do you write a good ib history essay with interpretation

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You stay on topic by stating your main argument/thesis or outlining what you plan to talk about in your essay, and then doing only that. Everything that you talk about in your essay must relate back to your argument in some way. If your essay is about Hitler's domestic policies for example, you better not talk about foreign relations because that doesn't relate to what the essay wants you to do.


IB history isn't "memorize all these facts and dates and then in an essay about World War 1 list everything I know about World War 1," history is about coming up with a reasoned argument and using the best, most relevant facts to support your case.

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All of these advice are something our teacher told us to do while writing History essays.


Likewise, while writing and starting a new paragraph, you should always try to look back to the topic you were assigned so that you don't lose the focus. You could also try to summarize in a sentence or so each paragraph at the end of it so it would be coherent in a way.


When you don't stay on point, the entire assignment is degraded so it's a very important thing to remember. However I know it is difficult, that's how I messed up my last paper. Good luck!  :clap:

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