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Medical Interviews

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I'm wondering if anyone has ever done a medical interview?

If yes, what did you do to help you prepare and did you sign up to a mock interview before? (My sister did hers with Tutors and she said that they were very good and helped her feel confident in the interview). The same tutors have one which is £175 for the day but still unsure!


Anyone have any suggestions?



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Well if your sister has done it then she'll obviously have a lot of advice, but I'll add some anyway. Mock interviews are definitely important preparation, so you can start coming up with some proper answers to questions (easy to do in your head, hard to do in reality!), so I would certainly recommend doing them if you can. The price tag you describe is a bit of a rip-off, to be honest, but perhaps your family have plenty of money if they already paid for your sister to do it and can afford that kind of cash.


You don't need to go to a company to get good mock interview practice. If your sister has been to medical interviews, she would be the ideal person (especially if she got in!) to grill you and put you through your paces. If not, almost anyone will do - your parents, friends and teachers are obvious choices. If you have any family friends who are doctors they would also be good. Often schools will have a careers person who you can try and persuade to give you a mock interview.


Basically you just need to be able to come up with answers to:

1. Why Medicine?

2. Why here?

3. Why not nursing?

And be articulate on a range of current topics in the news. This is simple as just listening to the radio when you wake up in the morning (Radio 4 is the best) but also just browsing the BBC website. You just need to demonstrate logic, reasoning and compassion. Big topics are things like healthcare rationing - with a limited budget, where do we spend it? It's all quite simple stuff, but if you've thought about it in advance you'll be ten steps ahead. And remember - they're not actually asking you to sort out the healthcare crisis. They just want to know how you think and that you can express thoughts and opinions.


The other thing you need is a THOROUGH knowledge of everything in your personal statement. Have something to say about everything. Put that you read a book? Be able to discuss it. Said that you took Chinese lessons? Have some interesting things to say about it. Said that you saw them repairing a hernia on your work experience? Know the basics of what a hernia is. It can be very simple level knowledge, just a sentence long, but it shows that you've gone and been an enquiring thinker or whatever. Go through your statement with a fine tooth comb and make sure you've got a few things to say about everything.


Anybody can grill you on those questions, really, and you can practice a bit of lateral thinking. Basically you want to have answers which make you sound enthusiastic, articulate, logical/thoughtful AND which you can back up. Like if you said "I don't want to be a nurse because I want to challenge myself" or something - remember, some of the people interviewing you may be nurses! "So you think nursing isn't challenging?" being asked to you by a nurse will make you realise how supremely ignorant that sounds. Come up with good ways to say all these things, and try to come up with some honest, non-cliche answers to "Why Medicine?".


That's my advice anyway. You can spend the money if you like, but you've probably got all the resources to practice anyway.

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Guest Sonia

Also, read a bit about medical ethics, cause they may ask simple questions like that. A friend of mine had an interview and they asked her "if a patient ads you on Facebook, will you accept their request?" So I doubt it will be serious medical ethics, but just have an idea about such things. Good luck!

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Apart from the questions they ask you, they will also create an impression of you by your behavior.

So make sure before going in you're in a professional, comfortable mindset [controling the nerves is hard :arrowhead: ]
and you start on a postive note with a firm handshake [with all the interviewers in the room].

They say the interviewer decide whether they want to admit you in the first 30 seconds so first impressions really matter: so dress sharp and think sharp! :handshake:


Here are a few good webs for preparing for a medical exam:







Decide where you stand on contraversial topics like Euthanasia and Abortion and prepare ahead how to present your thoughts on it if you are asked.


Best of luck!

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