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BM SL Written Commentary

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Hey guys, so my teacher had asked me to make a research proposal for the IA (Written Commentary) and i havent started doing it and it's due next week i think. so i have several possible research question about a local restaurant which i have connection to. so i was hoping that you guys would give me feedback on which question is the "best" to do. i am really interested in hrm, so i think all of the questions are related to hrm somehow. or maybe if you guys have better research question idea let me know!


thanks! any feedbacks, advices or comments are highly appreciated! :)


1. Should Company XYZ change its leadership style in order to increase the company’s sales?


2. How does the organizational structure of XYZ affect the morale of the employees?


3. Is the existing marketing mix of Company XYZ the best suitable for the company?

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This is pretty late, so not sure if you're still looking for feedback, but here's what I thought anyway!


3 seems way too broad, as marketing mix is such a wide topic covering so many aspects of a company, but 1 and 2 sound like they could potentially work. :) 2 sounds a bit simplistic, and you may perhaps find it easier to really apply theory for 1? E.g. for 2 you might end up saying something like the very hierarchical structure decreases morale as employees don't have much responsibility or power - which, whilst you're technically applying it to your business, it still sounds a bit like regurgitating of textbook material. Not sure if I'm even making sense with, but I do think that 1 or 2 would be better than 3 :)

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