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Math HL IA Help -What are the Requirements?

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Hi people,


I have lots of confusion for this Math IA. So I am in the first class that is going to graduate taking IB in my school and my math teacher has never taught IB..so my question is how many tasks do we need to do for this course. I read some websites and it seemed like to complete your portfolio you need to do TASK I - mathematical investigation and a TASK II - mathematical modeling to complete your internal assessment. is this true?? and we have to do one in the first year and another in the second year?

By the way, is the teacher supposed to give us a list of topic to choose from? Because my teacher hasn't. 


But I have also thought of a topic - a comparison between the newton-raphson method and the bisection method. Do you think this is ok for an HL topic?



This is where I got the information:



It would be very nice if I could get some help :3

Lots of love,


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