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I'm most definitely a feminist.

I believe that feminism is so much more than how the media projects it, which essentially is, "all women are misandrists!' 

My connotation of feminism is that it is for both sexes. That it works to break the expectation that all women should fall into their stereotypical and traditional roles and the toxic masculinity that is essentially a cage into which society places young boys and men. 

Feminism should not be female superiority, it should raise women up to meet the level of power men already possess and allow them to be equal.

From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.


I know this is super late, but OH WELL.

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I believe gender equality shouldn't even be debated. In the past women have not had equal rights to men and modern society is now correcting those flawed views but we are not fully there yet. Stereotypes and gender roles are not only affecting women but also have a huge effect on men and so why wouldn't someone want gender equality?

However, the word feminist has been tarnished by social justice warriors that only hurt the cause. The definition of feminism is searching for equality but instead, it has been distorted and misused.

Soooo I believe in gender equality but I wouldn't want to call myself a feminist.

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