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How do I cite a secondary source?

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Hi everyone,


I'm getting ready to submit my extended essay next week, and I'm polishing up everything and double checking my sources. I have a doubt in regards to citing quotes from secondary sources: what do I do if there's a quote from a book that I want to use and is cited in the book to be originally said somewhere else? More specifically, my EE is about art and Dalí's work (it's more specific than just that, I promise), but there's a quote that I found in a museum guide that I bought during the summer that I found interesting to use. And in that book, the quote is cited to be first published in one of Dalí's autobiographies. My supervisor told me to create a secondary source, but how exactly do I do that...? 


Thanks for the help (:




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What system are you using? Harvard, Chicago...? 

Generally, it's better to find the original source, but if that's unavailable or you don't have time, you can cite it as a second-hand source. How you do it depends on which system your using, though.

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