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Math IA

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The Internal Assessment time is at it's finest, and everybody has lots of homework to do, however maybe there will be someone that could help here.


I am thinking about doing my Mathematics IA on how the friction and air drag affects the velocity or acceleration of a car moving on ice and/or concrete.


Does anyone have ideas about where to start?


Could anyone recommend against doing this topic since maybe it's too much physics? Let me hear what you guys think.


/Best Regards, fellow IB student

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Math is math, physics or not. Don't worry about that so long as you're doing the math.


What math level are you in? If you're HL, you'll need to make sure you're at that level or beyond. Velocity and acceleration make derivatives come to mind, which is an HL topic, so that could work.


Honestly, I don't anything about the actual math you'd be doing, so you need to determine if you can 


a) approximately do it accurately (you can actually still do well with errors. You just can't get the top mark band of the mathematics used criterion)


b) show personal involvement in it


c) understand and explain the topic well


d) be sure that it is hard enough for your level


If you can do those four things, you're fine! 

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thank  for the tips, I'm SL.

Recently I have also changed my topic, I decided to write about spread of Ebola, it's rate of spread and infectivity.

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