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Math Studies and Computer Science?

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I'm interested in studying Computer Science, or something to do with computers. (Like coding sites or designing software etc...) The only problem is that I have Math Studies. 


When I was in my old school, I never really put effort into school because I went though a tough period in my life, and wasn't motivated to study at all. As a result, my grades dropped, and I didn't understand much of the maths at the end of last year. (I had the higher math of two levels). I never thought about what I was going to study in the future, and didn't look into any universities.


When I moved to this country, and before I started school, I had to choose the subjects that I'm studying now. I didn't really think much about my future when I chose, and as a result just chose the subjects that I found most interesting without really thinking (and having close to no knowledge) about what universities needed me to study. 


I've started the new school and I'm in a better place in my life and I'm happier. I feel I put more effort into school and study hard. I've also started looking into universities and career paths seriously. It turns out that most universities that I'm interested in require Maths SL or HL for the courses that I checked. 

(I looked at computer science related courses.) I'm really worried that I'm not going to be accepted into an university because I don't exactly have the most fancy scientific and mathematical subjects. 


The classes that I have are: (I have 4 HL at the moment, but I'm going to switch one later, though I don't know which one yet)


Computer Science HL

English A HL

Psychology HL

Film HL

Math Studies SL

Norwegian Self Taught SL


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I don't think any of your subjects are going to be a problem when applying to something computer related, except for maths unfortunately...


Almost all of the courses that you've mentioned you're interested in studying involve at least Math SL so that could definitely make your application weaker than those of people with the standard level or above. However, I understand that you've been struggling with math before and you chose Math Studies because of that. That's why it's a difficult choice.


On the other hand, I know for a fact that some universities are more interested in your overall score than what subjects and levels you've chosen so you might consider checking that and finding out whether it applies to you.


Like I said the rest of your subjects should be perfectly fine but if I were you, I'd consider to at least try doing Math SL. You can always drop down if you find it too difficult but since you've mentioned you're more focused on studying and your education then I think you're on the right path to make it.  :clap:


Also, if you're considering applying to universities in UK, you might consider whether Film is a good idea. Some of my friends had problems with applying to British universities with Film or Visual Arts since they think of them as the easier subjects.


Whatever you choose, I hope you'll do great!!!  :blowkiss:

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Applying with studies would put you at a disadvantage at the UK, so I would recommend trying to move up to SL if you can. Even if you could get in without SL, I would presume it would be difficult as there is a lot of maths involved in most CS courses - having more practice now would certainly help in the future.

One thing that comes to mind however, is that Computer Science isn't just software engineering and web development. A typical course will likely cover everything from low-level circuitry to theoretical concepts (which is essentially applied maths), rather than just programming. As a result, you may want to consider courses that specifically teach software engineering or web development, which would likely be less maths-heavy and would focus on more of what you are interested in.

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