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Maths SL IA, how do i make it ''personal'' enough?

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So i have to propose a final topic (and its scope) to the teacher, but one of the criteria for the exploration is the ''Personal Engagement'' one (i think it was 0 to 4 points).

We went through several samples in the class, and i did see some personal POV in them (e.g. one where there was a guy who was saying how he chose the topic because he was some athlete and was curious about the probability of scoring a goal)


I know i'm really interested in biology, especially microbiology, but i'm not sure how can i combine that with mathematics (and keep it ''challenging enough for SL level'').



I was also thinking about the topics ''fractals in nature'' and 4D geometry, but i'm struggling with those ideas as well.


   -Firstly, the teacher said that the Fractal topic is very commonly done as an exploration, so it really has to be good and personal.

  -Secondly, how do i make 4D geometry personal if it isn't exactly something which you can have in your everyday life.




Might as well delete this thread since no one can help and i'm changing my topic..yet again.

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